Our mission  —————————————————————————————————————
We want to provide consumers with the best new car buying experience.

At auto‑dealer.com, we want to provide consumers with the best new car buying experience. Next to a house, a car is for most people their biggest and most important purchase. And instead of being stressful, that should be a delight. We bring unlimited choice, independent advice, local service and low prices to consumers. In an industry that currently essentially offers none of that. We are here to change that.

We are a friend of a friend with a passion for cars. The person that is referred to as the car‑person. A car‑person has a group of friends, with even more car‑people. They know all about the nuts and bolts of every car ever created.

We’re not the snobby type that’s interested in selling the most expensive cars with the highest margins. We are interested in what’s best for you.

Although we would love to tell you about every little detail, we understand what is and isn’t important. So we won't bore you with specs, unless you're asking for them.

We are friendly but above all, we are honest; we give you the good, the bad and the ugly. This makes him a trustworthy partner. One thing's clear: We’re the go‑to‑person whenever you're thinking of buying a new car.

At auto‑dealer.com, we believe in finding good cars for people who need them. Because we all know how important good cars are in life. Cars take us places. They bring us on adventures, both big and small. They stay with us for years—sometimes decades.

So, if you are also passionate about our mission become one of auto‑dealer.com ordinary guys and help to change the new car selling industry. Apply to auto‑dealer.com.