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Independant players

We are one of the major, independent players in the direct import of new cars into Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria. We purchase our cars exclusively from official brand representatives in Europe, based on a customer mandate provided to a dealer within our auto‑dealer.com community.

A leading community

With over 19 000 members in Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria, auto‑dealer.com is the leading community of local, independent and multi-brand dealers specialising in the maintenance, repair and sale of new cars.

An automotive group

auto‑dealer.com forms part of Delta Car Trade. Delta Car Trade is a multi brand independent automotive group, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Switzerland. It operates in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands. As a group, Delta provides an end-to-end solution for consumers and professionals to buy or sell a new car. The auto‑dealer.com brand focusses fully on the consumer and our mission is to provide consumers with the best new car buying experience.