Why work at Delta Car Trade

You will work with a blend of senior industry executives and young, highly qualified professionals. The team is very international and from all backgrounds, giving you an inspiring work environment. Many of us have been here since the start, experienced the growth and are very excited to see everyone in Delta flourish as well. A team where you can grow and be at your best.

At Delta you can be at the forefront of disrupting the new car industry. One of Europe’s biggest markets. We use data and technology to give consumers and local businesses what they actually want: quality, freedom and local access. We have a start-up mentality within an established company. No corporate bureaucracy, but direct impact. Together with the team you can move mountains.

Passion for cars and passion for customers. We are fully committed to delivering on our promise of providing consumers with the best way to buy a new car. You will sense the dynamics, open culture and can-do attitude. With your passion and love to drive change, you can make a difference at Delta.

Laura Hocquet
B2B Account Manager

“After 5 years in a car dealership, I still hadn't realized my professional qualities. At Delta I was able to enhance my skills.

Thanks to Delta I have learned to have confidence in my professional abilities, which makes me want to always surpass myself.”

Julien Saunier
B2B Sales Team Leader

“What impresses me the most is the fast evolution of the company. When I arrived almost 4 years ago now, our tools and methods were not the same at all.

Continuous improvements are done to support us and make our daily work easier and better. We are continuously supported and we are gaining in skills.”

Romain Ribière
B2C Sales Team Leader

“Delta is an innovative and forward-thinking company, digital commerce has been around for many years here.

We have digital tools which are just brilliant, everything is built for maximum efficiency.

And all this in a good atmosphere where everyone is pulling in the same direction.”